[ANNOUNCE] Apache Apex Core 3.7.0 released

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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Apex Core 3.7.0 released

Pramod Immaneni-2
Dear Community,

The Apache Apex community is pleased to announce release 3.7.0 of Apex
Core (the

Apache Apex is an enterprise-grade big data-in-motion platform that unifies
stream and batch processing. Apex was built for scalability and low-latency
processing, high availability and operability.

This release adds the support for grouping engine events by the root cause,
ability to specify custom log appenders, SSL improvements, back pressure
improvements and a number of important bug fixes and improvements. See full
release notes <https://s.apache.org/fWT8> for all changes in this release.

Apex provides features that similar platforms currently don’t offer, such
as fine-grained, incremental recovery to only reset the portion of a
topology that is affected by a failure, support for elastic scaling based
on the ability to acquire (and release) resources as needed as well as the
ability to alter topology and operator properties on running applications.

Apex early on brought the combination of high throughput, low latency and
fault tolerance with strong processing guarantees to the stream data
processing space and gained maturity through important production use cases
at several organizations. See the powered by page and resources on the
project website for more information:


The Apex engine is supplemented by Malhar, the library of pre-built
operators, including adapters that integrate with many existing
technologies as sources and destinations, like message buses, databases,
files or social media feeds.

An easy way to get started with Apex is to pick one of the examples as
the starting
point. They cover many common and recurring tasks, such as data consumption
from different sources, output to various sinks, partitioning and fault


Apex Malhar and Core (the engine) are separate repositories and releases.
We expect more frequent releases of Malhar to roll out new connectors and
other operators based on a stable engine API. The latest Malhar release 3.8.
0 works on existing Apex Core 3.6.0.

The source release can be found at:

We welcome your help and feedback. For more information on the project and
how to get involved, visit our website at:


The Apache Apex community